Colloidal Silver, Alternative Medicine

January 16, 2023 0 Comments

The old saying “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” had a meaning that implied more than just a wealthy person. It also meant a healthy person.  In colonial times, the upper class seemed to show less signs of sickness, and lived longer fulfilling lives then the average peasant. Wonder why? This health wasn’t …

Fever Reducing Popsicles

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

“Cool down” tea for children

Nettle for Pets with Allergies

January 6, 2023 0 Comments

Alternative pet remedies

Jewelweed Benefits, Uses, Remedy

January 6, 2023 0 Comments

The natural poison ivy treatment

Garlic Oil for Ear Infections

January 5, 2023 0 Comments

Great remedy for those middle of the night ear infections

How to get rid of Molluscum Contagiosum for Good

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This was one of the worst experiences in my life