Wild Earth Rescue

Restoring Earth To Its Wild State

HealthPrimitive is the founder of Wild Earth Rescue, a volunteer foundation devoted to cleaning and restoring planet earth.

The main focus is the cleaning and restoration of our local waterways. After all, Water Is Life, and without healthy clean water, all ecosystems slowly deteriorate and eventually die.

Wild Earth Rescue works closely with local departments including the Monocacy commission, which is an important tributary river to the Chesapeake Bay. Together we work to find solutions for chemical and debris build up in our local waterways.

The good news is that it’s never too late!!

May – November, Wild Earth Rescue orchestrates monthly kayaking clean up events. Volunteers join our efforts as we float down river, cleaning them of trash and debris.

Don’t have a kayak? Wild Earth Rescue also orchestrates riverside clean ups, where volunteers hike the river banks helping us clean them of trash and debris.

We want to makes it easy for people of all ages to join our efforts!

Events have stopped until next season

As of now our clean up season is over. Starting May 2024 our efforts will begin once again. Join us in the field as we work towards a better future for us all. You can stay updated on cleaning events by signing up for our newsletter below. You can also visit our facebook page Wild Earth Rescue for updates!

Help Fund Our Efforts

Wild Earth Rescue’s efforts include river, trail, park, and other public lands clean-ups, native plant restoration, invasive plant control, and other projects working towards a healthier planet for future generations.

Your support and contributions will enable them to meet their goals and improve ecosystems across the United States. These generous donations fund their mission.

Event Support

All event proceeds go to supporting supplies such as trash bags, waters, gloves, pokers and even extra kayaks we can offer volunteers. We are truly grateful for any generous donation.

Kayce Heister
Kayce Heister

As an avid kayaker and outdoor enthusiast, Kayce planted the seeds that grew into Wild Earth Rescue. Her passion blossomed after witnessing the trash and debris build-up in her local river. She has become devoted to the cause, raising awareness and restoring good health to our Mother Earth.

Stay Updated

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