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Our Botanical Gardens

Products Straight From The Earth

Here at HealthPrimitive, we believe our food and medicine should be as natural as our bodies. Today, many of the of the food and pharmaceutical companies supply us with toxic products that can ultimately become harmful for human health. GMO’s, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and toxic colorings, are adding to the health crisis here in North America.

HealthPrimitive wants to contribute to a healthier way of life by providing products that are natural, organic and beneficial for your body. The majority of our ingredients are grown here locally, on our 200 acre botanical garden and natural food forest. Much of the property is left untouched by the hand of man, allowing beneficial weeds and trees to thrive. There is a beautiful spring fed creek that frequently floods, providing fertile soil to the ever growing jewelweed and plants along the banks. It also provides a clean drinking source for the many types of wildlife that call this place home.

Six different honeybee colonies help to pollinate the surrounding flowers which provides HealthPrimitive with honey for our remedies. Chemicals or harmful sprays are never used on our herbs or soil, as this is something we are passionately against. We are blessed to have hundreds of species of edible and medicinal thriving in our gardens, which in turn, we share with the world!

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Our Mission

Knowledge is Power

Ultimately life is about giving and sharing. At HealthPrimitive, we strongly believe in this concept. Giving back to our community is essential to our mission. We offer numerous educational classes and workshops surrounding:

Plant Medicines/ Herbalism

Foraging and Local Plant Identification

Wild Food

Children’s Classes/ Nature based education

We also offer a free educational blog that gives you recipes, remedies and all you need to know about making backyard medicines!