Foraging & Wildcrafting

Eating From The Earth

Foraging is the act of collecting wild food and it is nothing new to mankind. In fact, for thousands of years, humans, and our predecessors, have been foraging for far longer than we’ve been hunting. Mother Earth has always provided an abundance of edible plants, roots, berries, nuts and seeds to nourish all life. Today foraging has made a comeback as more and more people gain an interest in health, survival, and nature in general. This is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, learn about your local eco-systems, and eat straight from the earth. Foraging for and gathering food and wild medicine is certainly a rewarding experience for people of all ages.

Learn Your Land

To participate in this age-old practice, you must have basic knowledge of your local environment. Chances are, the plants you see daily walking to your home or office, are likely edible and medicinal. Many common weeds happen to be some of the most beneficial plants on the planet, and dandelions are a great example. Along with being one of the best herbs for your heart, dandelion can also be beneficial to kidney and liver function, skin health and much more. Best of all, the leaves of dandelion are edible, highly nutritious, and taste delicious!

Identification Is Vital

Athough most common weeds are easy to identify, proper identification is vital to your safety. There are many plants that are toxic and even deadly if you consume them, and it’s possible they look similar to a plant that is edible and medicinal. Mushrooms can be especially dangerous if misidentified. More than six people a year die from mushroom poisoning in the United States, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Learning how safely to identify plants and mushrooms is the first step to becoming a successful forager.

Foraging Walks

Come and discover edible plants of the Mid-Atlantic during our local Foraging Walks, which are held May through September. Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated on walk schedules and locations. Online classes are also available periodically. Click to view upcoming events.

Herbalism Workshops

In the past, the concept of health and healing revolved around the natural world. Plants, mushrooms, minerals and even metals, all played a part in human health. Come discover the magic this ancient practice has to offer through our in person and online workshops. Visit here to view our schedule.

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Common Questions

Is foraging safe?

Yes! Once you are familiar with your local terrain and learn to safely identify the plants.

Is wild food good for you?

Absolutely, and in fact, most wild plants and mushrooms are greater in nutritional value than cultivated ones.

Is it hard to learn foraging?

Every individual is different at which the pace they learn, and I feel it’s safe to say that every forager continues to learn throughout their lifetime.

How do I use foraged foods?

Use in any way you like! Many wild foods can be incorporated or used in place of store bought ingredients.

How do I learn more?

Practice makes perfect as well as self study. Visit our blog to learn more!

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