How To Make Flower Essences

How To Make Flower Essences

A flower essence is the subtle energetic form of medicine made from flowers that address our emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. They are a vibrational form of medicine that works primarily on the emotional and spiritual body. It is receiving the connection and wisdom from the plant itself.

Flower essences do not contain any plant material and are not herbal extracts. This means there is no medicinal potency to them in the scientific sense. What they are, however, is a solution that contains the energetic imprint of the plant used.

Not all medicine has constituents that act on a scientific level to produce a result. Some remedies, like flower essences, work on an energetic and ethereal level, offering another firm of healing. Energetic medicine moves forces and can help to cultivate joy, good health, and vitality. Other examples of this type of medicine include Qigong, mindfulness meditation, Reiki, etc.


Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor in the early 1930s, felt that there was something missing from conventional medicine. He observed that there were emotional imbalances that led to real physical illnesses, and he felt called to plants in his search for solutions. Dr. Bach came to the conclusion that illness was a message from our inner being directing us to change in our way of living and our mental outlook.

He went out to the forest and deeply studied 38 flowers that each offered supportive energetic properties for mental or emotional balance. Essences derived from these plants are now known as Bach Flower Remedies and are still around today. Bach led the way, and many people since him have studied the energetic benefits flowers can offer.

How do they work?

Flower essences work on the subtle emotional body and help to resolve mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns of imbalance that can hinder us from achieving our full potential or contributing to a physical ailment. By working with flower essences, we can release blockages that aren’t serving us and reframe destructive stories in a more empowering light.

Flower essences can be alchemical tools to help gently transform aspects of ourselves for greater joy, productivity, or peace. By working with them, we can gain self knowledge, facilitate self love and personal growth, and connect more deeply with the environment around us.

Which one is right for me?

Like people, plants respond and react differently to the energy they vibe or dont vibe with. Some flowers will respond well to your energy and offer their vibrational healing to you. Others might not click with your energy field and may not work at all. Experimenting with different essences is the key to finding your perfect match.

When you do find that match, that particular essence will work on the subtle emotional body and help to resolve mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns of imbalance that can hinder us from achieving our full potential or contributing to a physical ailment. By working with flower essences, we can release blockages that aren’t serving us and reframe destructive patterns in the future.

What type of flowers?

There are many different flowers that can be used for essences. Really as long as the plant itself or flowers are edible, the possibilities are endless.

Here is a list of some common flowers typically used to make essences. Its usually of plants that are considered high vibrational. Beautiful, vibrant and healing.

• Rose

• Chrysanthemum

• Lavender

• Dandelion

• Honeysuckle

• Yarrow

• German chamomile

• Calendula

• Sunflower

• Purple passionflower

• Hyacinth

• California poppy

If you decide to use garlic mustard flowers because you felt called too, that’s ok! The journey into flower essences is one with a big world of possibilities. There are so many different flowers to choose from. This is where using your intuitive talking comes into play.

Fresh or Dried?

Fresh is always best in this situation although dried flowers can be used. It is believed that when the plant is full of life, it is offering its vibrational energy at that moment. However others believe that the spiritual energy of plants stays long after its life has wilted away.

This is another one of those intuitive situations. Do what your heart tells you!

How To Make Flower Essences

The first step to making an essence is connecting to the flowers themselves. Sit with the plant for a few moments. Allow your energy to respond to its energy. Ask for permission to harvest some of it’s being, and intuitively feel the answer. Sometimes you will get an immediate feeling of peace, the yes, and other times you will feel a hesitating energy and immediate no. Never harvest from a plant that does not give permission. Bring an offering and show gratitude for the medicine you are receiving.

It is best to harvest your flowers during the early morning while the dew is still fresh on the petals. Some people prefer to use a leaf to grab the petals, avoiding direct contact to their skin. In my personal opinion this doesn’t matter, but it’s all in preference.


• Good quality brandy 80 proof

• Sterilized amber bottles with droppers

• Flowers

• Filtered spring water (do not use tap water)

Fill a large glass bowl with clean filtered spring water and lay your flowers on top of the water, covering the entire surface.

Sit this bowl in direct sunlight, making sure no shade will cross its path during the day. Allow your water to infuse until the sun begins to set.

After your water has infused, remove the flowers giving them back to mother earth in a generous way. If your water still has debris, strain it through a cheese cloth and strainer. Offer a pray of gratitude and have a small taste of the water if desired.

To preserve your essence long term, we need to add a 50:50 ratio of water to brandy. The reason brandy is used and not vodka like normal extracts, is simply for the comforting taste.

Fill a clean sterilized amber bottle half way with your water and fill the other half with your brandy. Make sure to label and date your jar, and store in a cool dark cabinet.

How do I use them?

The standard dose for a flower essences is 1-5 drops up to four times a day Although you can really take them when you like. Because this does not contain The potent medicinal qualities of a tincture, you don’t need to worry about overdoing it.

You can also use essences in baths, sprays, steams, topically on chakra points, or sprayed on a pillow before bed.

Can I mix them?

Get creative!! It might just turn out that your body responds well to several different flowers, and there are no rules that say you must stick with one. Making combination essences is a great way to receive the benefits from multiple plant spirits. You can do this by adding multiple flowers during the infusion time or combine the water afterwards. It’s all up to you!

Moon Infusing

Although the sun is usually correlated with flower essences, the powers of the moon can also be used. A moon infused essence brings an intuitive and receptive energy as where a sun infused essence brings an outward creative energy, connected to the vital life source of the sun. Each has its own unique benefits.

To do this, you would follow the same process, only sitting your flowers in the direct light of the moon instead of the sun. You can leave your water in the moonlight for several hours or overnight until the sun returns. Then you would follow the same process as above using a 50:50 ratio of brandy vs water.

To enhance potency, many make flower essences when astronomical alignments, phenomenons and celestial events are occurring. Times like the summer solstice or Fall Equinox are extremely powerful times to make medicine, not just essences.

Safety Considerations

Because flower essences don’t contain anything more than energy and brandy, they are not considered dangerous. Make sure you only harvest flowers from known edible plants. Obviously because flower essences are made with alcohol, they are not safe for children or people that are alcohol sensitive.

Final thought

If you have found yourself longing for connection and spiritual enlightenment, give flower essences a try. You may be surprised how these plants spirits can show you the way!

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Kayce Heister

Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Active Forager, Wild Food Chef and Mother of three. She has spent the last 18 years practicing herbalism and natural health, and spends most of her time educating others on the amazing potential the natural world can offer.

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